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Embroidery / Monograms

Embroidery, stock logos and monograms are available online for $4.50 per line of text, $5.00 per stock logo and $5.50 per monogram. Thread colors, stock logos and monogram options are shown below.

There is a 2 line maximum per garment for text and an 18 characters per line limit, which includes spaces and punctuation. We recommend only one logo per garment. If you need a custom logo, please contact us at 800-453-3944 for more information on custom logos. We can duplicate your logo or help you create one.

To order embroidery online, select the appropriate options such as color, size and quantity for the item you are embroidering from the product page. Click the Embroidery Options box and you will be redirected to the embroidery options screen.

To order a logo, select the desired logo from the displayed options. You can use the scroll bar on the right of the logo box to view our complete selection. If the selected logo requires a color choice, the available colors will display and you will be asked to make a selection by clicking on a color box. Please note that if the logo has black lettering and you have ordered a black top, jacket or bag, the black thread will be changed to white in order to see the logo clearly. If you prefer that it remain black, please contact us immediately after placing your order and we’ll be happy to assist you. If you are ordering text and logo on the same side of the garment, the text will be placed below the logo. If you prefer the text to be above the logo, please contact us immediately after placing your order.

To order a monogram, please select the monogram option in the Text section. Monograms are typically three initials (first, middle and last). For the following fonts, the last name initial will be in the center and will be larger than the other letters: Diamond, Formal Script, Rounded and Varsity. For Block, Brush Script and Serif, all initials will be the same size; the first initial is first, the middle initial is second and the last initial is third. An example is shown next to the font selection, and an illustration will be shown before adding to the cart. Monograms are always done in capital letters. For one and two letter monograms, the initials will the same size. Please select the number of letters (1, 2 or 3), the font style, and the initials you’d like embroidered. Please note that when embroidered, initials will appear closer together than the illustration shown before adding to the cart. Finally, select thread color and placement, left or right, for your embroidery options. Monograms will be approximately 1.5” high.

To order text, please select Text and type the letters exactly as you would like them to appear. Please note that we cannot make punctuation or spelling changes. There is an 18 character limit per line which includes punctuation and spaces. Choose a font style: block or script. Text in all upper case can be embroidered in block font only. Choose a thread color by clicking on a thread color box and placement, left or right, for your embroidery options.

You can then select either left or right placement for your embroidery options. Please note that for mailed or faxed in orders, if no placement is selected, embroidery will be placed on the left side of the garment with logos embroidered above the text if both are selected. For aprons, caps and bags, embroidery will be centered.

When you have completed your embroidery options, please click one of the buttons at the bottom of the page to either proceed to another item or to add the item to your cart. You will be able to review and modify your embroidery options from the cart if you wish.

When embroidering multiple items, you will be given the option of applying your embroidery selections to all of the items selected for that color and size or creating new selections for each item.

If you need assistance with embroidery, a quote for a group order, or help with a custom logo, please contact us at or 800-453-3944. Our office hours are 8-5 Central Monday through Friday.

Please allow an additional 3 business days for orders with embroidered items to ship. Embroidered items cannot be returned.


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